This Spring Train Like An Olympian

Our Olympic-style workshops are back!

Starting next Sunday, March 15, we’ll be hosting these special 2-hour classes focused on specific skills. Our Spring Gymnastics Workshop Series is designed to take elements of competitive gymnastics training and bring it to our gymnasts to elevate their skills.

Hosted by Miss Krystal, a former Elite level gymnast, the spring workshops have been created to incorporate drills and repetition so each gymnast either secures the specific skill or comes one step closer to perfecting it — and in small group setting! Plus it is a great time to learn that desired skill in time for the WiOlympics!

Workshop Dates & Specific Skills:

Sunday, March 15th

Learn Your Back Walkover

Struggling with kicking that leg over? Want to move on to back handsprings? Gotta master this skill first!

Recommended for: Basic/Intermediate and Intermediate

Sunday, April 19th

Learn Your Round-off Rebound & Continue Back-Handspring Work

Practice makes perfect! Get new drills and critiques to improve your round-off and back handspring.

Recommended for: Intermediate and Advanced

Sunday, April 26th

Master Handstands, Handstand Forward Rolls & Press Handstands

The handstand is one of the single most important skills in gymnastics. Become proficient in this skill and its variations and you’ll be set to move onto the next levels.

Recommended for: Basic/Intermediate and Intermediate

Sunday, May 10th

Practice Combination Tumbling

Looking to connect your round-off and back handspring? Or elevate your back tucks into a complete pass? Get the extra push in this workshop to flip like an Olympian!

Recommended for: Intermediate and Advanced

Sunday, May 17th

Learn Your Back Tuck

Set. Tuck. Flip. Learn the steps and drills to perform this skill and incorporate it into tumbling passes.

Recommended for: Advanced

The Workshops are hosted at our River Studio and will take place from 12pm – 2pm. Pre-registration is required and open to levels of Basic/Intermediate and Up.

Workshop Pricing:

Each workshop is $40 per gymnast.

Call or email the studio at 201-22-0802 or to sign up for the workshops.