The WiO Gymnastics Difference

What Makes WiO Gymnastics Special?

We’ve been bringing you gymnastics for five years now! We can’t wait to see how our gymnasts grow in our 2015-2016 Gymnastics Season.

Our team has always been proud of how we coach our gymnasts — and we wanted to share with you just what makes the WiO Gymnastics Program so unique and special.

Just how committed are we to bringing our gymnasts the best gymnastics training in town?

Our Top 3 Ways WiO Gymnastics is One-of-a-Kind!

#1) Experienced Instructors

We take pride in the level of talent our coaches have. A little more about our team…


Devon has been involved in gymnastics all her life and always loved the feeling of being apart of a team, and accomplishing new skills along the way.

Devon will never forget when her dad bought a floor beam for the basement and Noël would make up routines for her and Tara to learn. Noël gave them some of her old leotards, turned on her boom box and choreographed a whole routine to “Walk Like An Egyptian.” After they performed these routines time after time for their mom, she finally signed Devon up for preschool summer gymnastics!

Fridays at summer camp were Devon’s favorite. That’s the day they would go up to the dance room and learn a floor routine to perform in front of all the gymnasts — even the “big girls!” Once it was time to perform, Devon remembers standing in the center of the floor and forgetting everything. But luckily as “Noel’s little sister,” no matter what she did, it was always cute!

What she personally loves about teaching is the rewarding feeling she receives when she sees her students accomplishing new things. She loves the excitement in their faces and how emotionally connected they become to the sport.

As an elementary teacher, Devon brings creativity and unique ways to keep gymnasts involved and engaged in class every day!


Brittney has always loved gymnastics. When she was little, it was her absolute favorite thing to do, watch and play with her friends. Although Brittney didn’t continue competitive gymnastics when she got older, as soon as she became a gymnastics coach she realized how much it really was a huge part of her life. She loves the feeling of teaching little girls who were just like her. She says it feels great seeing our little gymnasts learn gymnastics skills and accomplish their goals all from our teachings in our WiO program.

Her absolute favorite event is Floor. She loves the idea of doing extreme skills in the air by just using the power in her legs. Brittney will never forget the day she learned how to do an aerial…She was at a summer gymnastics camp and just kept practicing this skill over and over and over! Just when she was about to stop, she decided to take one last turn and really go for it! She did it!

All it took was a little bit of confidence and not giving up when things became hard. Brittney tries to enforce this feeling of believing in yourself and putting your mind towards your goals into all of her gymnasts. She feels that once a girl BELIEVES that she is able to do it, there’s no way she can’t accomplish her goals!


Always an athlete, Janel finds joy in encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle for her students. The physical strength and mental confidence they gain in class will keep kids motivated outside of the gym and in other activities. As students are challenged and faced with mental or physical blocks, they learn how to resolve fear and doubt. As a coach, experiencing these breakthroughs together is a thrilling and proud moment.

Along with being exceptional instructors, Janel believes we are also mentors to our young and aspiring gymnasts. After learning the basic foundations for gymnastics, students are encouraged to improve their skills and level of performance. The strength and confidence they gain in class helps construct their inner potential in and outside the gym.

Something Janel will never forget about being a rec gymnast and cheerleader growing up is the strength and flexibility she gained. She remembers being able to hold school records in gym class for pull ups, sit ups, and stretching. Ranking and placing in her middle school Jr. Olympics with some of her closest friends was huge and tons of fun to compete in. Her skills and experience easily landed her a place on the HS Cheer Squad and led the way to her coaching career.

#2) Learning and Progression with Every Class

Our classes are small enough for instructors to teach on a personal level with each gymnast and help them build an emotional connection to the sport.

Kiddie Tumblers
Our only class that is age based for 3 and 4 year olds. Perfect introduction to the sport of gymnastics that blends fun, creative movements, with gymnastics skills.

Intro Basic
Learn the fundamentals of the sport and start to learn basic skills such as forward rolls, cartwheels, and handstands.

Perfect the core skills that include round-offs, bridges, backbends and more. Become introduced to different gymnastics apparatus including beam, vault and more.

Evolve into more challenging skills and work on apparatus. Your gymnast will start to develop a higher level of understanding and drills to compliment more advanced skills.

For your aspiring Olympian! Train with our advanced level coaches on challenging skills including back handsprings, tucks, and more.

#3) Personalized Class Levels

It’s not about age, we will personally evaluate your child to make sure they are in the right class level. Every child is different and we want to make sure they get the most out of our program. (Please note: Kiddie Tumblers is our only age based class for 3 and 4 year olds).

We really do believe our Gymnastics Program is one-of-a-kind — and hope you’ll become a part of the wonderful world of WiO Gymnastics! Be sure to register for our 2015-2016 Gymnastics Season by calling the studio — and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions. We can’t wait to see what this year has in store for our gymnasts!