At Work it Out we offer a variety of class levels based on age and skill ability. Our main priority is the growth and progress of every one of our gymnasts. Gymnastics is a sport that naturally develops strength, balance, and coordination which can be used in any physical activity and a variety of other sports.

Our program classes are 50 or 90 minutes in length depending on the class level. We offer multiple classes per week and encourage our gymnasts to attend more than one class as they excel. We execute an exceptionally structured curriculum that was created to ensure that not one class feels the same. Our coaches want your gymnasts engaged, motivated, and most importantly running to take gymnastics with us!

All levels participate in a targeted warm-up and stretch tailored to their ability. Each week we focus on different gymnastics tumbling skills or an apparatus.

Lastly classes end with body weight strength activities, specifically designed for muscle development.
We also offer private lessons, skill specific workshops, and youth & teen nutrition counseling! Get signed up and try the best Hoboken Gymnastics program around!