It all started when Noel was tumbling around the house and backyard, and Devon was traveling back and forth to gymnastics with her and their mom. Noel would get picked up from school and drive, sometimes over an hour away just to get to practice. Devon and their mom would sit, wait, and watch for about four to five hours every weekday and sometimes weekends, if Noel was competing. Devon always felt Noel’s excitement before and after every practice. She clearly remembers Gymnastics seeming difficult, Noel being exhausted, yet she always seemed determined.

At the age of three Devon began trying to do everything her sister was doing. If she was doing a back handspring, Devon was showing everyone her “tumble.” At the time Devon didn’t know it was really called a “forward roll,” but she didn’t care, she just wanted to be like her big sister. Devon would roll around the house wishing she could just run through that huge gym her sister was always “playing in.” The beam especially amazed her. It was Noel’s best event and Devon clearly remembered through her childhood, getting so nervous before Noel competed on the beam. Their parents would sit and watch meets, but for the beam, the video camera was out and shaky the whole time.

That summer is when their mom first put Devon in preschool Gymnastics camp at ENA. She was enrolled with one of her best friends from school and she was so excited to finally be a gymnast. Every Friday they would perform a show and present their floor routine to the whole gym. Devon loved gymnastics camp and obviously couldn’t get enough of the attention being Noel’s “cute little sister!” These are the years Noel and Devon shared an interest, which clearly was Gymnastics.

Of course, Tara came along and was not only doing everything Devon was doing, but she was following her around like a tail. She later got into recreational Gymnastics at a young age too. Devon recalls, Noel making them all wear their leotards in the basement of their house while they played on the floor beam that their dad bought for them. They usually ended up following Noel’s directions while she created a routine to “Walk like an Egyptian” which was her favorite floor music.

Clearly, Gymnastics has been a huge part of the “Descalzi sisters” lives’ for a very long time. It is a serious, and emotional sport that they thank their parents for introducing them to. Not only do they have a sister’s bond, but also a Gymnastics bond, in which they now instill into the students here at Work it Out.

Noel is the Program Director of Work it Out’s Hoboken Gymnastics program, Devon is the Assistant Director, and Tara is the Lead  Instructor for our Intermediate classes.

PS – You’ll still find them having handstand contests on the beach – Noel always wins!