Give your child a taste of being a real gymnast! The Work it Out Hoboken Gymnastics Program was designed and customized by Program Director, Owner and long time competitive gymnast, Noel Descalzi-Fiorentinos. This unique program will teach your child the basic fundamentals of gymnastics and more. Although this is not a competitive program, every class is run with a firm philosophy on instructing each student as if they were a part of a competitive team. We believe that an emphasis on discipline, strong work ethic, proper form and technique can bring out each child’s natural ability. From your child’s very first class we promise to instill team values, self-­esteem and motivation.

Led by hand­-selected, seasoned gymnasts the program focuses on learning and improving tumbling skills, proper gymnastic vocabulary and most importantly, progression. All of our coaching staff is trained on proper spotting techniques and WiO’s teaching methods. Our coaches are encouraged to create bonds with your children, lead by example and be positive role models for our young gymnasts. We demonstrate best practices for safe stretching and encourage strength building. You will be amazed at your child’s improved coordination, muscle memory, and body awareness. All are safety and CPR certified and recognized by the USAG organization.

Our program classes are focused around exceptionally structured curriculum that is efficient and effective. No one class is the same and each class has a unique lesson plan. Our class levels are targeted towards ability, age and behavior. As our students improve we will gradually move them up in class level. Unique to our program is bi-annual gymnast evaluations, where you will receive a progress report on how your child is progressing in the program to ensure they are learning and growing.

When a child has limited gymnastics ability sometimes apparatus and large facilities can be overwhelming. The layout of our Hoboken Gymnastics studio located on River Street between 1st and 2nd are based around evolving your gymnast. We have a variety of apparatus that is incorporated into class levels once fundamentals have been demonstrated. Kiddie and Basic Level Gymnasts will learn to tumble using our spring floor, balance beams, cartwheel mats, barrels, cheese mats, parachutes and more.

As your gymnast progresses, they will advance to our Intermediate, Advanced, and All-Star Levels. During these classes, additional skills will be included into their apparatus work on the Tumble Trak, Vaulting Table, and Bars. Here they will learn long-lasting foundational gymnastics skills such as front/back walkovers, front/back limbers, front/back handsprings, front/back tucks, side aerials and more.