Olympic-Style Workshops Are Here

Practice makes perfect! Starting this month we are going to be offering special 2-hour classes focused on specific skills. Our Gymnastics Workshop Series is designed to take elements of competitive gymnastics training and bring it to our gymnasts to elevate their skills.

Starting on November 16, Miss Krystal and Miss Noel, two seasoned and accomplished pre-Olympic gymnasts, will be hosting a series of 2-hour classes to learn and perfect the trickiest of tricks. The below workshops have been created to incorporate drills and repetition so each gymnast either secures the specific skill or comes one step closer to perfecting it.

Workshop Dates & Specific Skills:

Sunday, November 16th, Learning your Back-handspring
Sunday, December 7th, Tumbling out of your Back-handspring
Sunday, January 18th, Learning your Back-tuck
Sunday, February 8th, Learning your Aerial

The Workshops are hosted at our River Studio and will take place from 12pm – 2pm. Pre-registration is required and open to levels of Intermediate and Up.

Workshop Pricing:

Join all four for $150 or attend single sessions for $40

We know our gymnasts have what it takes — And we’re here to help you become the best of best! Call or email the studio at 201-22-0802 or info@workitoutgym.com to sign up for the workshops.