Attention Passengers: Flight Series is About to Take-Off

You’ve called, emailed, begged and pleaded. And finally – we’ve made it happen!

Get ready to take off every Tuesday evening starting February 25th at 6:45pm. Our Flight Series class will make you flip head over heels with excitement. Not only does it combine gymnastics, something we know a thing or two about, but it also will give you a kick butt workout by bringing the strength and flexibility elements that make gymnasts so fit!  

About the class:  We have conjured up the secret recipe between guided gymnastics and a killer work out. Since most of our team is made up of gymnasts, dancers and cheerleaders we’ve asked ourselves all of the important questions like “What do we want out of this class?”  “How can we make it special yet keep you coming back week after week?” and most importantly…”How can we keep you safe?”

The following formula made perfect sense! A guided high intensity warm up including running, bouncing, leaping and stretching. Followed by a series of “back to basic” skills including; rolls, cartwheels, handstands, round-offs, aerials, limbers and walkovers. Finally the class will close with an open gym style set and a sweat series of challenging obstacle courses and strength. The class will be hosted at Work it Out River with Founder and long time gymnast Noël Fiorentinos. After a lot of thought and planning, we’re sure that you will love Flight Series as much as we do!

What you need: Please come fully prepared with grip socks (or bare feet if you prefer), form fitting activewear, ponytails and a smile! Jewelry and baggy clothing should be left at home or in your locker. Previous gymnastics, tumbling and/or dance experience is necessary. Light spotting and form corrections will be incorporated however we will not be entertaining high level skills such as full tumbling passes. Reminiscing about our glory days when we could effortlessly throw double backs and triple fulls, will be permitted!

Sign-up for your first ‘flight’ today and give yourself an extra 15-minutes before class to fill out our questionnaire that will help us learn about each participant’s ‘flight experience.’